Our Services

At Avitabile Fine Jewelers we know how important your jewelry is to you. That is why we have our own jewelry repair shop on the premises! Now you don’t have to send your jewelry out to be repaired! This means less waiting time and a safer, quicker transition from you to the jeweler.  Our jeweler, Roma, is highly trained and very skilled at his craft. He specializes in gold, platinum, silver and stone setting. He is absolutely meticulous and takes pride in his work. Most repairs are finished within 24-48 hours, rather than weeks!

If you have any jewelry that needs to be repaired, or it just needs a good deep cleaning and buffing to restore its original beauty, feel free to come in and talk to our repair specialist. We will be happy to inspect your jewelry and suggest what may need to be done to keep your jewelry safe, comfortable, and looking its best.

Some common jewelry repairs explained:

Since gold, either white gold or yellow gold, is a naturally soft metal. The metal will scratch and wear away with normal wear and tear. If prongs become thin and go overlooked, they may snag and snap off, which can result in lost gems. Depending on how you wear your ring, we suggest having the prongs built up every 6-8 years. To do this, we add gold to the top of each prong, building it up and blending it in until it looks new again.

When the bottom of a ring wears thin it will easily bend and crack becoming uncomfortable and possibly breaking and being lost. To repair this we remove the thin section of the ring and replace it with a new thicker piece of gold. This is called reshanking.

Another common repair is Rhodium Plating. All white gold is rhodium plated when new to cover its slightly yellow cast. Rhodium is a metal similar to platinum that gives white gold jewelry its bright chrome like finish. Rhodium plating does wear off eventually but can easily be replaced. We polish and deep clean the jewelry first to ensure that it electroplates beautifully and looks as close to new as possible when you get it back. We suggest that white gold rings be replated every year while other jewelry that doesn't get as much wear and tear might infrequently or never need plating.

Lastly, of course, our most common repair is ring sizing. We can add or remove just the right amount to keep your rings fitting you comfortably. We also have a variety of techniques available for hard to fit knuckles and top-heavy rings that tend to spin.

Professional cleaning and inspection of your jewelry is always free and we enjoy seeing you sparkle in your gems as much as you do so please feel free to bring your jewelry in and we'll do this while you wait.