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This is what we do

Posted on Thursday, January 29th, 2015 at 4:47 pm by Stephen

This is  what we do:

I had a customer come in yesterday saying I saw your sign out front and I need a ring to be sized and nobody can do it. I took one look at, a military style class ring with oval glass stone bezel set center. Now I know these are not simple but not impossible. He goes on to tell me he's been out of the country to other jewelers and nobody will touch it. Now I like a challenge, I tell him to give me minute and let me see what I can do. After further examination of the ring I realize that it is manufactured by Jostens which is a class ring company. I Google Jostens military ring, go to site find phone number and call.  I go back to my customer and I apologize for delay. He tells me don't worry your already further than anyone else. So after 5 minutes with the customer service dept of Jostens. I go back to this gentleman and tell him all set. he said what does that mean. I told him Jostens is going to size it and I am going to ship it to and from them and its going to cost you nothing. I will take care of shipping and Jostens has a lifetime guarantee to size it. He goes on to tell me that the ring was a gift from his mother and he hasn't been able to wear it in a long time, he's 71 and a marine veteran. And the smile on his face priceless. I told my employee that was on with me, see that, that what makes us different, we do the right thing. This took me all of 20 minutes of my day and he had been to at least 7 other jewelers and nobody took the time to do the right thing. Now I have been doing this for 32 years and this is the difference between clerking and servicing a customer. We service our customers by doing the right thing. Now this happens every week whether it be a 80 year old or 15 year kid looking for service not a clerk. We do the right thing.